Frequently Asked Questions

At Suture Express, we are laser-focused on helping you, the customer. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for here, contact us.

With Suture Express, you get next-day delivery across 6,000+ product SKUs, including those hard-to-find non-core items that comprise up to 40% of your inventory. We carry the most complete line of suture, endomechanical, mesh, energy, and other disposable surgical products available. Our manufacturer partners include:

Suture & Wound Closure Products

  • Ethicon Suture Products
    Vicryl, PDS and PDS II, Monocryl, Prolene, Ethilon, Pronova, Ethibond, Merilene, Nurolon, Perma-Hand, Steel Sutures, STRATAFIX Knotless Tissue Control Devices
  • Ethicon Topical Skin Adhesive Products
  • Covidien Suture Products
    Velosorb, Caprosyn, Polysorb, Biosyn, Maxon, Dermalon, Monosof, Surgilon, Surgidac, Ti-Cron, Surgipro and Surgipro II, Novafil, Vascufil, Sofsilk, Steel Sutures, V-Loc Wound Closure Device
  • Covidien Topical Skin Adhesive Products
  • Teleflex Deknatel Suture Products
    Bondek Plus, Monodek, Force Fiber, Cottony II, Polydek, Tevdek, Deklene II
  • Surgical Specialties Suture Products
    Quill Device, Surgical Specialties, Sharpoint, LOOK

Endomechanical Products

  • Ethicon Endomechanical Products
    Endopath, Ligamax, Echelon, Endoloop, Proximate, and others
  • Covidien Endomechanical Products
    Versaport, Endo GIA, iDrive, SILS and others

We also stock products from Applied Medical and Teleflex Medical.

Mesh Products

  • Ethicon Mesh Products
    Prolene, Proceed, Physiomesh, Securestrap
  • Covidien Mesh Products
    Symbotex, ProGrip, AccuMesh, Parietex, Permacol

Energy Products

  • Ethicon Energy Products
    Harmonic Ultrasonic Devices, Enseal Advanced Bipolar Devices
  • Covidien Energy Products
    Ligasure Vessel Sealing Devices (Valleylab), Sonicision Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection Devices

All Ethicon products are trademarks of Ethicon US, LLC. All Covidien products are trademarks of Covidien AG and COVIDIEN. All Surgical Specialties products are trademarks of Surgical Specialties Corporation. Applied Medical is a trademark of Applied Medical Resources Corporation. Teleflex is a trademark of Teleflex Incorporated.

We are committed to stocking 100% of our customers’ product needs from our manufacturing product partners. The following items are available in addition to our large selection of suture, endomechanical, mesh and energy products:

  • Covidien Electrosurgery Products (Valleylab)
    Electrosurgical Instruments and Accessories; Smoke Evacuation Systems and Accessories
  • Covidien Patient Monitoring Devices
    Nellcor, BIS, INVOS
  • Ethicon Blake Drains
  • Ethicon Hemostasis Products
    Surgicel, Surgifoam

All Ethicon products are trademarks of Ethicon US, LLC. All Covidien products are trademarks of Covidien AG and COVIDIEN.

With a 99.4% next-day fill rate on the largest selection of products, stock-outs are extremely rare at Suture Express. That’s one of many advantages to using a specialty distributor – our exclusive focus on suture, endomechanical and disposable surgical products enables superior service that optimizes the performance of your supply chain. We even provide full order confirmations within one hour, giving you fast, reliable assurance that the items you ordered are on the way. Say goodbye to backorders that result in costly rework and clinician dissatisfaction by switching to Suture Express.

Manufacturers excel at developing products, but we excel at product distribution and supply chain solutions. Our ability to meet your needs in suture, endomechanical and disposable surgical product distribution is unmatched:

  • One-day lead times on every item you need – if you order it, we’ll carry it
  • No minimum order quantities
  • RESET PAR Optimization Program for expert guidance on lean inventory management

With Suture Express, you’ll avoid supplier-related setbacks and get the highest total value through:

  • Maximum supply chain efficiency
  • Tools to accurately track and forecast inventory
  • Expert PAR level recommendations
  • Most reliable just-in-time distribution model

Our customers achieve an average cost savings of 20% by switching to Suture Express. Cut waste from your inventory and budget with:

  • Aggressively low mark-ups and no hidden fees
  • Inventory reduction support for lower carrying costs – cut wasted stock to less than 1%
  • 99.4% next-day fill rate on 6,000+ SKUs – no more backorders means no more costly rework

Switching to Suture Express only takes one day. You don’t have time to change work practices, so with us, you won’t have to:

  • Seamless integration with your existing procurement system
  • Switch today, order tomorrow, receive product the very next day
  • Same item numbers the manufacturers use
  • Complete pricing file accuracy
  • Simple EDI or fax ordering
  • Fast access to the largest selection of suture, endo and related inventory

As an added benefit, we also give full credit on qualified conversions to welcome our new customers.

Yes, we serve customers who are members of every major GPO. Whenever possible, we use your GPO’s contracts and electronically report your purchases to them. If you’re not currently participating in a buying group, contact us and ask how to get started with one of our GPO partners.

It’s easy – just fill out an information request form. We’ll get pricing information back to you promptly and follow up to see if you have questions or comments.

To establish an account with Suture Express, complete our online enrollment form or contact a sales rep in your area. You can also call our corporate office at 877-790-1873.

You decide! You can:

Once we receive your order, we’ll send your full order confirmation within one hour. You won’t find customer-focused service like that with a broadline distributor.

Orders received by 4:00PM (EST) will ship the same day and arrive at your facility the very next day.

Yes. For no additional charge, Suture Express provides customized packaging options to simplify your specific delivery and receiving processes.

However you like! We can send your invoices via EDI, fax, email or with each shipment.

Please see our Return Goods Form for our complete policy and criteria.

First, download a Returned Goods Form. Fill it out and send it to us in the box with your return items, and we’ll promptly issue you a credit.