Take Control of Your Inventory

Lower your carrying costs with inventory reduction support

To reduce your supply spend, think beyond transactional savings – think lean inventory management, accurate tracking and forecasting, and PAR level optimization. In addition to just-in-time delivery that eliminates stockpiling, we bring you actionable intelligence on product usage and inventory value. Through our RESET PAR Optimization program, you’ll get data-driven recommendations on PAR levels and other performance improvement opportunities.

RESET PAR Optimization Program

  • Reduce inventory up to 30% in one year
  • Double your inventory turns
  • Increase space and capacity
  • Return excess and no-move inventory for full credit

How it works:

  • Initial Assessment
    We examine your current inventory levels, PAR levels and historical usage to identify immediate opportunies for inventory reduction.
  • Ongoing Recommendations
    Starting at 90 days, we provide the first in a continuous series of customized PAR level recommendations and velocity analyses.
  • 100% Return Credit
    With RESET, you get full credit on returns for excess and non-moving inventory.*
  • Continuous Monitoring and Reporting
    We monitor your PAR levels and inventory turns to help you continuously rebalance inventory as usage changes over time.
  • Additional Data Support
    RESET provides custom tracking and notification tools for expirations, recalls and safety alerts, along with annual savings scorecards and more.

RESET PAR Optimization is a powerful inventory management tool available for our contracted customers. To get started, call 877-790-1893 or contact your sales representative today.

* Full credit on returns applies only to products in unopened boxes. Suture Express can provide resources to assist with returning open box and expired products. For more information on our return policy and criteria, see our
Return Goods Form.