A new, Optimized supply chain solution for surgical implants.

Maximize Savings & Efficiency in Your Implant Supply Chain

The average hospital spends more than $10 million on surgical implants every year, making it the largest hospital spending category today. And yet, until now the implant supply chain has been inefficient and difficult to manage for many hospitals and IDNs. Suture Express is changing all that.

Drawing on our expertise as the leading specialty distributor of suture and endomechanical products, we provide an alternative to the costly, inefficient manufacturer-direct supply chain for implants. Our S|Implant solution empowers you to optimize your hospital or health system’s implant supply and achieve maximum savings. Through S|Implant, we consolidate and distribute implants, manage your implant inventory, and provide robust data to lower your costs and maximize efficiency.

S|Implant brings you:

Maximum savings

Generate savings as high as 20% through bulk purchasing and share agreements. You also receive tools and timely information to optimize your implant inventory levels for lower carrying costs.

Optimal efficiency

There’s no need for you to manage distribution across every supplier and every facility every day. Consolidated implant supply from Suture Express, coupled with increased efficiency, means you benefit from even greater savings and control.

Greater insight into product usage and availability

S|Implant system integration enables prompt, reliable product replenishment, and you gain greater visibility into implant product usage, inventory value and share agreement compliance. You also receive optimal PAR level recommendations and advanced expiration notice to reduce product waste.

Now you can maximize savings and efficiency in your implant supply chain while ensuring the needs and expectations of your surgeons and clinicians are met. Make a powerful difference to your bottom line with S|Implant from Suture Express.

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